-   You’ll meet with the Solartricity sales team to personally discuss the details around your professional design.  

-   The Solartricity technical team will schedule time to assess your specific hot water design requirements.

-   A proposal setting out our recommendations, together with associated costs and savings will be presented.

-   A further discussion with the Solartricity sales team is set up to make sure all your needs and expectations are
    being met.  

-   Next, you may wish to sign a letter of intent authorising Solartricity to make application to Eskom for DSM                    funding on your behalf.

-   A timeline for your project will be plotted out and final payment arranged.

-   And last but not least a maintenance agreement will be organised and signed, and the installation process                     completed.  
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Customers next steps
Customer next steps
Heat pumps vs Solar
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Solartricity heat pumps are custom built to suit specific climatic conditions.
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